Do I Need Medical Treatment After a Car Accident?

Do I Need Medical Treatment After a Car Accident?

We don’t wake up in the morning with the intention of getting into a car wreck. One second we’re on our way through an intersection, the next thing is a blur. Even at low speeds, the unexpected shock to the body can have serious consequences.

Because of the adrenaline coursing through our bodies, many people think they aren’t injured. Or they don’t like seeing doctors or their schedule to be messed up. They think they can just heal. But this could be a mistake down the road for your health. So why is it that you should seek medical treatment right after a car accident?

You Only Get Your Health Once

Even if you don’t go to the ER immediately from the scene, seeking some form of medical attention is the best thing you can do for your body and health. It’s quite possible that you were injured in a way that you don’t realize. Many people report feeling ok or just dazed at the crash site, but then later on realize they were terribly injured.

When our body goes through physical trauma like a car crash, it releases high levels of endorphins that suppress pain. This is called our body’s fight or flight” response. This basically “masks” or “hides” our body from thinking it’s injured. Until the initial shock goes away, many don’t feel any injury.

It isn’t until days or weeks later that the injuries start to show themselves. You may not know whether you’ve sustained a serious injury right after an accident and that’s why it’s extremely important to seek immediate medical attention. Don’t be tough and try to “stick it out.” The best thing you can do is to have a doctor look at you.

Waiting to See a Doctor Can Hurt Your Car Accident Claim

A good rule of thumb is to try to get to a medical professional within 72 hours of the accident, if not immediately from the crash scene. Don’t let nagging thoughts about seeing a doctor stop you. Don’t debate it with yourself. Head traumas can worsen quickly if you they aren’t treated right away. If you were knocked unconscious at all, you should go to the ER from the scene.

From an injury claim perspective, not seeing a doctor soon enough can hurt or even ruin your claim. The longer you wait, the easier it will be for the adjuster to say your injuries aren’t connected to the accident. For example, if you wait 3-6 months, there is a window of opportunity for them to cast doubt that your injuries are from the accident. Don’t let this happen to you! First and foremost is your health and recovery. And if the situation warrants, a car accident claim.

It’s also important to tell your doctor you were in a car accident. Don’t assume anything when you tell them the story. Stick to the facts. If you don’t know the speed of the car, don’t give a number. It’s ok not to know. Guessing wrong can hurt your claim more than not knowing. Telling your doctor what happened will immediately become part of your medical records and proof that you sought medical treatment for injuries related to your car wreck.

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