Will My Car Accident Claim Be Affected by COVID-19?

Will My Car Accident Claim Be Affected by COVID-19?

The Coronavirus and its aftermath is an unprecedented situation for many Americans. The closing of businesses, schools, and many other establishments has seen our everyday lives turned upside down for months. For those who were injured in car accidents, you may be wondering how your claim could be affected?

Unlike many businesses that were forced to close, our office was able to continue working and accepting new clients. We are able to do this via video conference and in person following the CDC guidelines to keep everyone protected. Despite court closures, your car accident injury claim should not be overly affected by the pandemic.

Should I Still Get A Car Accident Lawyer During COVID-19?

We understand your reluctance even in non-pandemic situation. Many times it is the first car accident people have been injured in and also needing to get an attorney. While it’s possible your claim may take a little longer to process during the pandemic, California’s statute of limitations (time to file a claim) for injuries in a car accident remains at 2 years. If you wait, you could lose your right to pursue your claim.

One myth that the insurance companies have been able to spread is that you don’t need a car accident attorney or “they’re too expensive.” This is especially true during difficult financial times because of the perceived expense. But the opposite is actually true—now more than ever is the time to retain an experienced San Diego car accident lawyer to help with your claim.

Personal injury attorneys work on what is called a “contingency fee” basis. This means we don’t take a retainer and charge hourly. We only get paid if we win a settlement or verdict for your claim. This means no out of pocket costs to you as the client.

It’s also understandable that people may be concerned about their own health or the health of members of their household. While we do like to meet with people in person to build a face to face relationship, these times are different. Many aspects of the process allow us to move forward on claims via email and/or the phone. We are flexible and want to try to make this experience as comfortable as possible for you. We’re able to offer phone and video teleconference appointments for this reason.

Important Questions on the Coronavirus and Your Claim

1. Can I file a car accident claim during the pandemic?

Yes. There is nothing stopping you from filing a claim whether there is a stay at home order or even if there is a court closure. Insurance companies have remained open for business.

2. Will the insurance company settle my claim during COVID-19?

Yes. We are in the process of settling multiple claims as I write this article. The adjusters our office has been dealing with have been promptly responding.

3. Will my settlement check be delayed by the Coronavirus?

Like other businesses, insurance companies have employees working from home. This may cause a slight delay in the processing time of the check.

4. Is my accident lawyer still working on my case?

Yes. We are open for business and continue to work on all aspects of our clients’ cases.

Insurance Companies May Be Harder to Deal With During COVID-19

Insurance companies make their money off of the stock market and investments. The premiums we pay basically “cover the rent” so to speak. The excess amount from accepted low ball offers or claims that aren’t pursued is put into investments. In tough financial times, it’s possible insurance companies will seek to lowball to pay out as little as possible and settle quickly.

This is where getting to accident victims quickly before they hire a lawyer can be helpful. They use tricks to get people to settle for pennies on the dollar without realizing what their claim is actually worth. They understand money is tight for people and if they dangle a settlement, it may be accepted quickly.

The good news is that when you have an experienced San Diego car accident lawyer on your side, they can’t take advantage of you. An accident attorney won’t let the insurance company dictate the terms of negotiation and can challenge lowball offers. If they refuse to pay, a lawsuit can be filed on your behalf in the San Diego County Superior Court to pursue your rights. Don’t let the insurance companies take advantage of you during this time. We are here to help.

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