Do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

Do you need a car accident lawyer in san diego

Without sounding self-serving, the answer is almost always yes. Unless there were little to no injuries, no missed time from miss work, or minimal damage to vehicle, it’s always best to at least meet with a car accident lawyer. Scheduling a consultation with a personal injury attorney is almost free of charge.

Insurance companies have teams of lawyers and adjusters who immediately begin evaluating injury claims. They not only have an advanced database of “similar” claims to compare, but software programs that evaluate everything from the damage to vehicles to damage to the body. Insurance companies train their adjusters in special policies and procedures designed to pay car accident victims less than the full value of their claim.

Car Insurance Companies Play Tricks After an Accident

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Insurance companies aren’t in business to do right by people. They’re in business to make money. Unfortunately, they also know car accident victims are in a position to be taken advantage of. Even “small” car accidents can result in thousands of dollars in medical bills and missed time from work. If the injuries leave the victim in a position needing money, it’s an incentive for them to accept less than they’re entitled to because bills need to be paid.

Insurance adjusters go through extensive training with the ultimate goal of trying to deny or devalue injury claims. If the claim is valued at X dollars, but it’s settled for much less than that value, they get a bonus. This is because they’re getting the company extra profit at the injured victim’s expense.

When a knowledgeable car accident lawyer isn’t involved, adjusters will ask for things they may not be entitled to under the law to help build their defense. They may even get the accident victim to trust them because they can “help quickly.” Unless the injured victim is represented or able to show the adjuster they know their rights, the playing field will never be level. It’s all designed to pay injury victims less than the full value of their claims. Or nothing at all.

Why should I hire a San Diego car accident lawyer?

Here are a few reasons why hiring an attorney to handle your car accident case can be beneficial.

Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer: Top 5 Mistakes

Calculating Damages. This is typically the first thing lawyers will ask in almost any case. If there aren’t any damages, then there is nothing to claim under the law. Understandably, most injury victims tend to overvalue their claim. Knowledgeable car accident lawyers are able to properly evaluate claims and provide credibility as to how they arrived at that number.

Avoid Costly Mistakes. Insurance companies know how to control the claim from the beginning. They have policies in place designed to devalue or deny claims that most people are unaware of. Even the simplest of things can hurt an injury claim.

Authority. The truth is, if a car accident victim is unrepresented the adjuster probably won’t take them seriously. They have no reason to believe the injured person knows their rights, the law, or how to navigate their system. They can, and will, bank on the fact they can take advantage. A car accident lawyer’s representation will bring credibility to the claim and level the playing field.

Focus on Recovery. A car accident can result in many different types of stress. Physical, mental, and finances can all weigh on you. Hiring a lawyer will allow the injured person to focus on recovery and not stress about the processing of the claim being done correctly.

This is not to say that after a car accident you always need an attorney. There are some situations where it may not arise to that. But there’s nothing wrong with meeting with one to know what you’re dealing with. Most car accident attorneys will meet free of charge to discuss your case and help you evaluate your options.

San Diego Car Accident Lawyer

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